Sunday, 12 September 2010

VKM Concept Design program

Welcome to the course! The basic and simple idea is to study the basics of concept design, what a concept is, what things are good to know and think of when making one. Especially we'll talk about users and user-centered design i.e. thinking about to whom the concept is meant and how can one make it useful and accessible.

This fall I have chosen a theme for the course: Governing and appropriating urban space. The idea is to study some spaces in Pori, and think of concepts that could facilitate appropriation of those spaces. As you can see this leaves a wide range - the concepts could involve action, performance art, design, community art, exhibition, a plan etc; studying the sapce could be through observations, digging into archives, still or moving images, notes, soundscapes... We'll have the architect Mikko Nurminen from city of Pori to talk about the spaces, and Pia Euro will give an introduction to how art work can be used in studying spaces.

The idea is that students form groups, study some aspect of some urban space - we will introduce some specific places, but your choice is not restricted to them. It is suggested you look at either control and structuring of space - or appropriating of space. Think of the space/place in terms of its everyday usage and practices. Who are your users, how do you include them in your study/ concept? You should come up then with
1. either a concept for studying urban spaces with means of artistic intervention
2. or a concept for appropriating urban space through artistic intervention
You need not realize the concept, but make a presentation of it for Friday.

The suggested program is as follows

Mon 13.
10 - 12 What is a concept and what are the uses of concept design?
13 - 16 Users and design

Tue 14
10 - 12 Urban Space
13 - 14 Mikko Nurminen
14 - 16: Visit the places, as Tue afternoon promises to have good weather. Lets

Wed 15
10 - 12 Pia Euro
13 - 16 Ideating study and concepts and visiting the places.

Thu 16
10 - 12 : Taina can be consulted. Otherwise all of Thursday is dedicated to study and drafting of plans.

Fri 17
10 - 14 Reporting studies and concepts, discussion.

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