Tuesday, 21 September 2010


So, on Friday 17th we had presentations of the concepts people had worked on during the course.

We began with "Pilluralli", a hilarious and intelligent concept by Anna and Hanna, appropriating both space and word from masculine show-off to feminine demonstration: overtake Porin Tori and its nightly "pilluralli" by guys in cars by the event Pilluralli with bikes, skateboards, pedestrians. The concept involved detailed visual outlook for content and products, and Anna and Hanna swore they wanted to realize it. Looking forward to!

Emma and Tuula had focused on personal space - clothing - and especially clothing in hospitals. Pick a color is a concept of enhancing the well-being of both personnel and patients by giving good quality clothes and a world of color to chose from. The effect of present hospital wear was documented and visualized with sharp insight.

Antje, Awa and Hanne had literally drawn a map for "MyPori" - "Tää o mu Pori". The idea is to have hand-drawn maps of the central area of Pori, showing places that have specific meaning to some real life people from Pori. On the back-side of the maps there would be the stories that go with the places. Thus a tourist - or somebone from Pori - could gain a new and different insight into the city. Infinity of further development potential with digital online version.

Antti, Eetu and Niilo had ideated MOOD-e-RATOR, an interactive sculpture and fountain of light and sound to be installed in the Jokipuisto in front of Puuvilla. The fountain/sculpture will respond to movement and can be programmed to react also to light, weather etc. factors in its surroundings.

Anu, Niina and Outi presented a concept for a space for people to feel comfortable alone and an outlet for people who are lonely. Also, a place for relaxation including nature and quietness. You are still surrounded by others, but just taking the time to yourself and not feeling any pressure to network with others around you.  This space should create this understanding that you find in other examples such as going to a church or listening to headhphones in public.

Thank you for the good work guys, I hope you enjoyed yourselves half as much as I did! I'm still waiting for some contributions, but have faith they are forthcoming and have the same quality.

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