Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Urban Space

First Taina talked: about the city, urban space - how she sees it, how a few other thinkers see it - and then went through some examples of people who have done research and studies on urban space, what structures it and how it is produced through practices.

Then city planning architect Mikko Nurminen talked about urban space from his perspective and about a few cases, especially Jokikeskus and Veturitallit (and Karjaranta).

Afterwards we walked and went to see Jokikeskus and Veturitallit.

Below the few slides from Taina; and some references and links. Links also added to the link list on the right hand side.

Books about urban space and space in general:
Edward T. Hall: Proxemic Theory, 1966 
Taina Rajanti: Kaupunki on ihmisen koti, 1999
Jane Jacobs: The Rise and Fall of Great American cities
Michel De Certeau: The Practices of Everyday Life
Claude Levi-Strauss: Tristes Tropiques
Michel Foucault: Space, knowledge and power. In The Foucault Reader (ed. P. Rabinow.) Penguin.
Doreen Massey: Place, Space and Gender/ Samanaikanen tila/ The Conceptualization of Space
Eyal Weizman: Hollow land

 Introduction to Edward T. Hall
William H. Whyte: video from The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
Familiar Stranger
Social Tapestries
Locative media and fieldwork: a collection of links to interesting projects
Anthony Vidler: Spatial Violence
Eyal Weizman: Walking Through Walls
Transit Labour (Article on Waste Economies by Maren Köhler and Bettina Vismann)

And the slides:

I'm also including a tale about occupying a street by a party in Kumpula, Helsinki, provided by Antti:

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